About us

Bodecker Partners offers independent advisory services within the scope of energy price risks and revenue opportunities in Northern Europe. Bodecker Partners´ expertise within Swedish/Norwegian electricity certificates and carbon emission rights, aswell as the Nordic power market, is first-class.


The energy industry is never boring! For twenty years, I have followed energy markets from the first steps of deregulation and the start of financial trading leading to customer choice and the amazing development of renewable energy sources.

I have seen markets evolve, change, be shocked, recover and nourished as new factors become the deciding factor for pricing and risk.

My entire professional life, I have worked to deal with these risks. Risk – this word, which in Chinese sign language according to any tale, can mean both danger and opportunity.


Fredrik has 20 years of experience in energy trading in electricity, gas, coal, oil and environmental instruments. He has worked in various leading positions at, among others, RWE, Alfa Kraft, Essent, Gunvor and DONG.


I am passionate about analysis of energy markets! In my job, I follow everything from local weather forecasts to global energy policy – and I learn something new every day. In previous jobs, my main focus were large electricity consumers, whereas I´ve now turned to power generators. There is so much going on in the industry when nuclear power is to be phased out and renewable production continues to grow.

The electricity certificate scheme is extended – what will this mean? How will prices be affected by the changes in EU ETS?

I want to help producers of electricity and heat to find the right path in the jungle of information and contribute to better decision-making. To achieve this together with my amazingly talented and experienced colleagues makes it fun to go to work every day.


Mia has 15 years of experience in the energy industry and has worked for many years as an analyst of emission allowances and Nordic power at E. ON and Modity Energy Trading.


Energy trading is exciting! Not only is energy the fateful question of our time, but also center of a daily, intertwined fabric of fast global trade. The complex relationships create a plethora of questions for many power producers;

How will our profitability be affected by changes in the oil- and coal price? How much will our production costs increase if the price of emission rights doubles? How much do we risk if our wind turbines do not receive sufficient revenues from electricity certificates?

This is exactly what I love to help our customers with! I am good at grasping your company’s situation, understanding your motivations and processes, in order to adapt your portfolio and risk strategy to your conditions and goals accordingly.


GUSTAF has 12 years of experience in the energy industry and has worked as power trader, risk manager and portfolio manager in electricity, gas, electricity certificates, emissions rights and FX as well as with both physical and financial trading and production optimization at E. ON and Modity Energy Trading.