Advisory services

We are experts in risk management and energy trading. In our Private Energy, we help power producers, energy companies and investors in renewable energy to manage energy market risks and optimize production and sales.

With reference to the banking sector, where some customers find it suitable to use a bank´s full-service concept, while others choose a more specialized private banking solution. The latter being more individually customized and typically including service and specialist knowledge from a personal investment advisor and manager. This is equivalent to where we see ourselves in the energy sector.

Bodecker Partners offers Private Energy – we help you find the best solutions based on your company’s requirements

We offer independent advice and act entirely on our client´s side. Our goal is to increase your knowledge and find the best strategies and partners for your needs. By choice, we focus in-depth on a select few clients at a time, which enables us to deliver a high-quality personal service with full commitment to every assignment. We have the advantage of not having to spend time and effort on a larger internal organization – our philosophy is to put full focus on the mission and to act in the best interest of our clients.

We are Private Energy.

Examples of previous engagements:

  • Advisory Board and leadership team Seminars: Introduction and in-depth review of the Nordic Power market and electricity certificates, including risk management from a supervisory perspective.
  • Risk policy and hedging strategy review, including initial gap-analysis, policy creation, full implementation of processes, appropriate ETRM systems and follow-up.
  • Set-up of simplified Merchant trading function or  act as “in-house” portfolio management
  • Procurement and re-negotiations of e.g. balance responsibility, market access, portfolio management and optimization strategies.
  • Advisory and analysis reports of electricity certificates and Emissions allowances (EUA).
  • Management of electricity certificates on behalf of clients

Incredibly valuable to gather both the board and the management team to stop, think and take dialogue around both risks and opportunities. It will make our discussions both broader and deeper in the future.

Björn Sjöström, CEO, Varberg Energi

Thank you for a very interesting and important education which provided us with knowledge all energy company boards should have. For future discussions on risk management, this was a very good education.