Corporate PPA

Major changes in Europe have increased the risk of high electricity prices in Sweden. Through bilateral power purchase agreements directly with wind- or solar power producers, or through solar on own roofs or land, you are insured against high electricity prices while contributing to the expansion of renewable electricity.

Green electricity from selected wind- or solar parks provides you with a stable and low electricity price as well as an increased environmental profile. By purchasing electricity from a specific wind or solar park, you reduce the financial risks for the producer, thus allowing the park to be built more cost-effectively. You contribute to the start-up of a new wind or solar, which in addition to a stable power price provides you with opportunities in for green marketing and climate offsets.

Do you have an annual consumption of at least 20 – 50 GWh?
If so, you have an opportunity to take part in our Corporate PPA services. We will assist and guide you to the best project according to your criteria – free of charge.

Or would you rather have solar cell installations on your property or Commercial roof-top?

This is possible even without investment cost and operational risks. “Lend” your rooftop for solar cell installations. or lease solar cells – new concepts are on the way. We will guide you through the options and help you find an optimal solution.

Welcome to our seminars in Malmö, Gothenburg or Stockholm in January-February 2018 to learn more. Contact for info and registration!