Portfolio Management

Bodecker Partner offers specialised risk- and portfolio management and advice to renewable electricity producers with a focus on Nordic power and electricity certificates. We offer innovative hedging strategies and strive for a steady income to producers as well as a fair return on capital to Investors.

Bodecker Partners´ expertise within Swedish/Norwegian electricity certificates and carbon emission rights, as well as the Nordic power market, is first-class. Unlike the majority of Nordic portfolio managers, Bodecker Partners focuses on assignments from power producers – a group that has experienced tough conditions in recent years due to low power- and electricity certificate prices.

As Bodecker Partner do not have consumption portfolios under management, no netting practises exist. We are therefore enabled to have completely aligned incentives with our producing customers.

We strive for a steady income for producers and a fair return on capital to investors in renewable production

Take control of the electricity certificates

The price-hedging strategies of a producer differ significantly from those of a consumer, and the current low electricity prices increase the need for active management to capture temporary upsides. Throughout our careers, we have seen how power producers in many cases do not get an optimal nor customized management from their existing portfolio managers. Typically, in addition to the producer’s portfolio, a significantly larger retail portfolio is often managed. This diverts focus. Many portfolio managers also have owners with adverse interests that can collide with those of the customer’s portfolio.

Fredrik Bodecker, Bodecker Partners

In terms of analysis, we have seen that power producers in some cases are treated rather poorly. Advice and analysis reports are often based on consumption customers and lack focus on e.g. electricity certificates – something that is at least as important as the power price for a producer. Our recommendations are instead based on the interest of the producer and on how to capture the highest prices and optimize income and revenue.