Independent Advisory

Bodecker Partners are experts in Nordic energy markets and risk management and have an extensive Swedish network. In addition to our Revenue management services we help power producers and investors with for example risk policys and reporting, strategic- and PPA-advisory, balancing tenders and production optimisation.

We offer independent advice and act entirely on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to increase knowledge and find the best strategies and partners for your needs. We focus in-depth on a select few clients at a time, to deliver high-quality personal service with full commitment.

PPA Advisory

There is a wide variety of long-term PPA contracts offered by trading houses, utilities and corporate off-takers. Offers can be difficult to compare. Bodecker Partners has extensive knowledge in the Nordic power market, price- and volumes risks, fee structures within balancing agreements, authority fees and PPA-contract terms. We use our experience to guide you through risks, benefits, structures and prices and to make valid comparisons.

In addition, we have an established Nordic network of potential off-takers and may assist you in your sourcing process. More info here.

Examples of other previous advisory engagements:

  • Nordic market knowledge transfer for global investors
  • Setting up simplified Merchant Market function for wind power investors
  • Negotiating advice in wind power investment cases
  • Procurement of balance responsibility and spot sales
  • Risk policy projects and structuring of risk- and revenue reporting
  • Strategic advisory¬†on market opportunities on a changing Nordic Power market
  • Board- and leadership team educations
  • Start-up of Swedish electricity sales company