PPA advisory

There is a wide variety of long-term PPA contracts offered by trading houses, utilities and corporate off-takers. It is often difficult to compare offers due to different terms, fee-structures and risk levels. We guide you through risks, benefits and structure and make valid comparisons. In addition, we have an established Nordic network of potential off-takers and may assist you in your sourcing process.

Swedish corporates interested in PPAs – please find more information in Swedish here!

Previous PPA-advisory for international investment companies have included:

  • Review of PPA-structures and offers
  • Analysis and comparisons of profile- and volume risks, price levels and terms
  • Sourcing, negotiations and closing

Bodecker Partners has extensive knowledge in, and long experience of, the Nordic power market which we use to guide you to the best possible PPA structure. We have previously worked “on the other side” within both physical- and financial trading and thereby have deep understanding of many of the companies involved as well as fee structure set-up, authority fees and asset price- and volume risks.


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