In a Corporate PPA a company purchases electricity directly from a newly built wind- or solar park. The consumer fulfils its sustainability criteria while maintaining a low and stable power price. For the plant owner, this contract secures financing for new renewable power production. Bodecker Partners support the consumer in the process and help both sides find the best counterpart.

Corporate PPA for Power Producers

Bodecker Partners offer to project owners of wind and solar power a possibility to register projects in our PPA-register with the intention to find a bilateral counterparty for a long term fixed price power contract.

Welcome to register your projects
With the aim to increase the number of corporate PPA off-takers in Sweden, Bodecker Partners works to introduce, educate and support corporate power consumers in the process leading up to a PPA-tender. As a result of this, we will perform a number of PPA-tenders on behalf of corporate power consumers. The first one will take place during spring 2020.

Our PPA-register is open to any wind- and/or solar project after accepting our fees and criteria and signing registration agreement. Registred projects will be offered to take part in all PPA tender handled by Bodecker Partners where basic tender qualifications are fulfilled.

PPA advantages for Power Producers

  • Long-term PPAs reduce revenue risks and capital costs.
  • Banks often demand long-term PPAs to provide debt services.
  • With a PPA in place, financing can be secured and investment decisions for new parks made.

Corporate PPA for Power Consumers

Bodecker Partners support you in understanding the structure and function of a Corporate PPA, which risks to consider and how to avoid them and which type of PPA is the most suited for your specific company. We also help you through a tender process to find the best wind- or solarpark for your specific company.

Our offer
We have many available windpower projects in our PPA-register and we are completely independent. Based on our long experience and templates for term sheets and contracts, we help you find the best contract and counterparty based on your specific criteria.

PPA-advantages for Power Consumers

  • Green electricity directly from a specific wind- or solarpark.
  • Contributing to new renewable power production and fulfilling “additionality criteria” in sustainability without investment risks.
  • Stable and low long-term power price.

Contact us

Power consumer
Are you interesting in learning more about purchasing power through a Corporate PPA contract? Do you want support in finding available wind- or solar parks? Welcome to contact Mia Bodin or Sevdie Denli:
or +46 73 808 18 98
or +46 73 808 18 80

Power producer
Do you have projects looking for a PPA-offtaker? E-mail us at and we will send more information about our PPA-register. For any questions, please contact Mia Bodin at
or +46 73 808 18 98.

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